Frontpage - Arnbjerg Pavillonen
En seng set ovenfra med en avis og en skål med youghurt, banan, æbler, blåbær og havre.
Welcome to Arnbjerg Pavillonen

Accomodation & gastronomy

In the spring of 2021, our hotel have, with a caring hand and respect of the nostalgy and the history of the place, undergone a thorough renovation.

It have been within our wish, to welcome our guests to a brighter homelike atmosphere indoors, creating a calm and relaxed environment for our guests.


The gorgeous view of Arnbjergparken can be enjoyed from every room and the restaurant. Nature is a huge inspiration for us, and we have a desire to make you, our guests, get to experience how the serene nature, beautiful Komorebi and vigor flows throughout the hotel.

Materials and colors of the interior is chosen with utmost care, to emphasize the harmony and connection to the nature surrounding the hotel.


The location of the hotel is perfect for our future guests who wish to experience The Wadden Sea; a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tirpitz, Ribe, Fanø, or one of the many golf courses in close vicinity.


We look forward to welcome your stay with us!

Annemette og Casper Rosendahl

En åben dør ud til en terrasse med en stol og et bord, hvorpå der ligger en opslået bog og står et glas hvidvin.
Our stay

Go on a stay with catering

Enjoy the shining sun through the small-brimmed windows, all while you fancy a cup of coffee to the stunning view of Arnsbjergpark. 


Here is room for you to really kick up your feet and focus on relaxation, enjoy our delectable meals, where we focus on using local ingredients, sustainablility and ecology, while also providing with a good nights sleep in our newly renovated bright rooms.

Restaurant GRO

A dining experience for everyone

Restaurant GRO serves nordic food with a twist from the french cuisine in a fantastic environment.


The restaurant  is touched by the whimsical light, dancing in through the old, small-brimmed window. From here you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the view above the historical park, which is a delight to experience throughout all the four seasons.


At GRO, ecology and sustainability is of highest priority, reflected directly in the flavours of our savory dishes.

The menu is a kombination of à la carte and composite dishes, offering both 5-course dinners and Take Away.